Saturday, 20 August 2011

Balls. (Alternatively: What I Did on My Holidays)

Well, it's been a good while since I last posted. I clearly wasn't quite as blog addicted as I thought given it only took a week in a caravan in Wales to get me out of the habit. I've still been thinking of it though, crafting away and photographing as I went for future posting.

So without further waffling, here is the latest creation:

In my last (now two month old) post I announced my intention to participate in Stashtacular. It was a marvellous idea and I did indeed manage not to buy any fabric for a month, and I received some lovely fabric back in return for the bundle I sent off. I didn't actually make anything from the tutorials that the event organisers created for it. Several tickled my fancy, but it was a very busy month and I just didn't have time. One thing that stuck with me though was Jenna's fabulous hexy mug rug tutorial using the paper piecing quilting technique. I've never quilted before, not properly anyway, so even the idea of a mug rug is a little daunting. I figured you could modify the technique using pentagons to make a ball - or more accurately a dodecahedron - which satisfied both my desire to give the technique a try and my inner maths geek.

I used African print fabric that I picked up at the World Textile Day event back in March and as this is intended to be a gift for a friend's baby, I added some dangly bits. The toys that a younger Mini most enjoyed were those with cords or loops that were easy to grab and thanks to knots or bumpy bits, also harder to lose grip of. I hunted around my supplies and managed to make one that jingles, one that rattles, one that squeaks and two that crinkle. Hopefully the baby it is intended for will get some pleasure out of them!

One of the things I surprised myself by really enjoying was the fine detailed work. The whole thing is hand sewn and there's a lot of satisfaction in that for me.

There's more, but I have a baby stirring so will have to return later. The joys of my adventures with red corduroy are still to come.

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  1. Lovely to read a post again G! Best toy ever. xx


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