Saturday, 26 March 2011

The inspiration and opportunity mis-match

This week I have been positively buzzing with ideas and inspiration for crafty things. Part of the blame lies in having discovered Folksy's making section which is packed full of tutorials for all kinds of goodies (I really have to try making pewter jewellery now) and I think getting this blog off the ground has had an effect too. My mind has been working overtime, designing soft toys, skirts and rug patterns in that wonderful virtual craft space in my head where everything always turns out exactly as intended. Unfortunately I've had very little opportunity to actually do much crafting to see if they would really work. A combination of day-to-day life chaos and the existence of more pressing jobs has filled the days.

One of these more pressing tasks has been to build a new permanent run for our chickens, something that Dr Poddle (my beloved life partner, co-parent and long suffering craft widow) and I have been working on together and making up as we go along. It's been good fun, especially as we've been blessed with truly glorious weather in the last few days, and it's been creatively challenging too so it's not all bad. Dr Poddle has another day off work on Monday when we hope we'll get to finish it and I'll pop up a photo or two then.

And in the mean time I just need to keep those ideas going. I've got an image in my head of a taggie plushie that I will create before long. Watch this space!

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