Friday, 8 April 2011

The pocket puppet

I had an idea the other day, for a combination toy that would have a number of uses. I was reading through some older posts at Made by Joel, a blog I stumbled across recently that has me inspired in all kinds of ways. He's a very talented chap that Joel is! Anyway, 18 months or so ago he made a very simple but effective doll for his kids and it reminded me that complex isn't always better in kids toys.

We're just hitting the holidays so we're heading out and about most days to keep us all entertained. With this in mind I knocked out a quick multi-purpose but very basic toy for Midi Poddle. It's a cuddly lion, a glove puppet and a bag for paper and pens all in one, but it only has six pieces and it took me about an hour.

Since making it I think I've figured out a way to make it (or one very similar) in less pieces and better. I think I'd like a flap over one of the pockets as the pens tend to drop out if it gets waved about too much and I went a bit wonky with the bottom trim on this one. However, Midi loves it and it's come out with us several times already, along with pens and paper so it's serving its purpose. I'll hopefully try a new improved version soon, and maybe even post a pattern if I think it's good enough. :)

In the mean time, here it is in action:

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