Thursday, 14 April 2011


Today's project (in my brief hour of free time while my Mum took Midi-Poddle to the park and Mini had a snooze) was to finally try out the freezer paper stencilling technique I've been reading about for ages. However, freezer paper costs several quid for a pack in this neck of the woods and due to needing to be careful with our pennies these days I decided to make my own instead. I used the bin bag/cartridge paper combination suggested at the end of this tutorial and used both the positive and negative versions of the stencil to decorates shirts for both kids. I'm really pleased with how well they turned out, and I was just about done when Midi came home, although the drying took a little while longer.

I wasn't quite as neat as I could have been but that doesn't bother me, it's given it that proper 'hand made' look. I was impressed with how crisp the edges could be though.

Midi has requested that I do her a sunflower next. Bring on the next free hour!


  1. Great work mama poddle! love it, reminds me of the Thai elephant I remember you doing at 18! Great to see your blog. :) Love x

  2. Woohoo! Love it, love the logo, love you :) xxx

  3. That's me feeling very loved this evening. Thank you both, you beautiful folk. x

  4. Fantastic, they're lovely! Very inspiring lovely Poddle. X


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