Saturday, 16 April 2011

Playing with woodblocks

I did some dying of t-shirts and baby-gros yesterday, with the intention of using them to do more freezer paper stencil prints. Unfortunately they then had to be washed and they are still damp so I'm having to be patient. They've turned out rather well though, so hopefully they'll be worth the wait.

We've been blessed with two sleepy children this evening so I decided to get out the wood blocks I picked up at the World Textile Day event I mentioned in my very first post and have a play.


The burp cloth was really just a handy piece of cotton to attack first as a trial run. The prints aren't wonderfully even but they're not too bad either, and again it does add to that 'hand-made' feel. As for the top, apart from the dodgy positioning of the prints around the neckline which I hope won't be that noticeable when it's worn, I really like the way the prints have transformed this plain and simple top into something rather yummy. I might have to do some printing on a top or two of mine now...

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