Thursday, 28 April 2011

Rainbow butterflies

Today, Midi-Poddle has had one of those days. One of those ones where she clearly got out of bed in the wrong hemisphere and the grumpy, stubborn and rude aspects of her personality dominate over the happy, personable and creative ones. Fortunately for me she spent the morning at the village play group and then had lunch with Grandma-Poddle before I picked her up so I only had to entertain her for half the day. I knew as soon as I arrived at the Grand-Poddle house we were in for a challenge as she was ignoring the old friends of Grandma that had come to visit instead of charming them and she then began instructing them to leave. I knew that bribery was probably my only way to get her out of there without a meltdown so I pulled out a creative gem that I've seen online several times but had yet to try to offer her when we got home - making our own rainbow crayons.

In preparation for this day I'd stashed a few old crayons and had picked up a silicon ice-cube tray in butterfly shapes for pennies in a cheap homewares shop. Midi was really into it. Suddenly the grump disappeared and we had a lovely time breaking the crayons into tiny pieces and mixing them up between the moulds. It only took a few minutes in the oven for them to melt down and once out and slightly cooled I popped them into the fridge to speed up the process. A chat on skype to family in Australia was sufficient distraction to let them cool fully and before we knew it, we were done. A whole flock of rainbow butterflies! (Is flock the right collective noun for butterflies?)

Even better, the grump never came back! Hooray for rainbow butterflies!


  1. According to my research it is either a swarm, rabble, flutter or flight! I wonder what scary butterflies were ever a rabble or swarm. I like flutter or flight, though yours look like they could be an interesting collection, maybe even a world or wonder or myriad of butterflies.

    It was lovely to talk to you two too. Lovey that Epod wanted to be at our place, nice she kind of could be. :)

  2. These are awesome! I want to make some :)

    Brilliant idea of yours too - this activity involves mess and deconstruction to a positive and happy end - just what she needed!


  3. I've no idea why we bothered insisting you went to school. It's a FLIGHT of butterflies. But Wikipedia also has 'Rainbow'. So you made a rainbow of rainbow butterflies...


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