Friday, 20 May 2011

Faces and flappy bits

Mini has just reached the stage where he's found his hands and when they're not in his mouth (teething alert) he's studying them with interest. You can almost see the cogs turning as he figures out that he can make them Do Stuff. It's fabulous to watch and we're now at the point where anything within reach could quite easily find its way into his mouth.

Ages ago I started working on a plushie taggie for him. I never quite got round to finishing it but finally tonight was the night. I wanted to give it a face because, well, faces are good and engaging and Mini seems to feel the urge to grin whenever he sees one regardless of whether it belongs to a human being or not. I spotted some funky shoe laces a little while back that I knew would make great tags. Put them together and this is what we got:

Once it was almost done I decided not to stuff it after all. I liked its floppy flappiness and it seems someone else does too:


  1. I wondered where you'd got it from. Mini seemed to be loving it when we saw him too.


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