Thursday, 12 May 2011

plastic, pens and a hot iron

Wow, we've managed to fit a lot into today!

Midi was at her play group this morning, so I made the most of the chance to pop to the shops and scored a set of 12 coloured sharpie pens (I've never owned any before) for a bargain price. I was so excited to spot them and I'm sure I'm going to use them in all kinds of fun projects. Having them meant that when Midi came home we were able to have a go at this great technique to turn kid drawings into sew-on badges courtesy of Lindsey over at Filth Wizardry. What a great idea!

We're going away tomorrow for a long weekend with Dr Poddle's family and Ember decided she wanted to make a patch for each of her two cousins. I did a few tiny pictures of an apple and pear and a slightly larger fish to play around with.

The fruit and the patches that Midi drew came out wonderfully. I ironed them onto felt as per the original tutorial and then tried a little experiment and ironed the fish onto a cotton burp cloth. Clearly, cotton distributes the heat very differently to felt and although I used the same heat setting on the iron and the same amount of time under it, the plastic bag has shrivelled quite a bit. I didn't worry about it too much - it's a fish after all and it looks all rippled as if under water, but it seems despite the apparent overheating it didn't adhere well to the cotton at all. A few minutes of being played with had it peeling off. Ah well, a lesson learned there.

After lunch, Midi started playing a counting game so I asked her if she'd like us to make some number bean bags. An hour or so later, and a floor covered in rice had us playing with these:

They are very rough and ready, but they do the job and they can come away with us so the cousins can play with them too. The numberless, uniquely shaped one was Midi's first attempt at using the sewing machine. She's got a way to go but I was over the moon that she wanted to have a go. I may have a fellow crafter in the making! Woo hoo!

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