Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Teacher gifts: first time jitters

This is the first Christmas that we've had a child in full time school and the dilema of what to offer as a seasonal gift that was likely to be appreciated but also simple and appropriate hit us for the first time. Blog-land provided the answer though. There are so many amazing posts out there with ideas and suggestions, and suitably inspired we got to work.

One afternoon of baking with the kids resulted in a nice big batch of gingerbread stars and trees (and several unidentifiable shapes), some for us and some for gifts. Actually, the ones that I made we decided to use for gifts and the kids creations we thought might be better suited for our own consumption. We all had fun making them though.

After letting the kids ice theirs I decided that the ones to be given as gifts might need adult-only attention, so last night once the kids were asleep I got busy with a bit of white icing. Keeping it simple seemed to be the way forward, not least because Midi has two teachers and a teaching assistant so there were quite a few biscuits to get through.

The final question was one of presentation. One of the homewares shops in my local town came up trumps with some fantastic flp-lid jars which were not only reasonably price but had red lids too! How much more seasonal can you get?

Add a bit of ribbon and a gift tag and they're good to go! Midi was most excited going into school with her first two to give away this morning. Seasonal teacher gifts sorted! (And another new parental challenge completed.)

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